Silence in Tallinn

When a blackout strikes Estonia’s capital, its residents’ lives are thrown into chaos. For two in particular the disorder remains long after the lights are turned back on.

Krista is a detective in Estonia’s Gangs Taskforce, following in her famous father’s footsteps. After the blackout strikes she becomes the target of a police investigation herself. As new evidence emerges, she begins to question a past she has always taken for granted.

Lenna’s life meanwhile was already full of chaos, but once the power is restored her career as a journalist begins to spiral out of her control.

Both of them are caught up in the allegations of human rights abuses that are stoking tensions between the Estonian government and its ethnic Russian minority. As the international pressure builds they are both in pursuit of their own truths.

In a world where no one can trust any information and the truth is often simply that which sounds most plausible to the largest number of people, how is it possible to know what is real?

Silence in Tallinn is an interactive story which allows you to follow the stories of Krista or Lenna and see the ‘truth’ from their perspectives. At key points you will make decisions on their behalf. Choose wisely.

Krista's story

Lenna's story